Upgrade Required - Download Removed - RPG Mini Trade-in

Upgrade Required - Download Removed - RPG Mini Trade-in:

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$79Was $110

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Mail us your old RPG mini or Kubota Speedkey and we will mail you back a replacement unit with the new dongle style.

This purchase DOES NOT include software, it is simply new hardware so that you can enjoy the new slim dongle style with your keys.

This purchase will include.
One 16 key wireless RPG Key pad.
One Slim USB Wireless Dongle.
One Set of 16 White (blank) Key Caps

Please mail your keypad and dongle back to us at:

Attn: Trade-up Program
64 Lydon Lane East
Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107

MAKE SURE TO ONLY MAIL THE DONLGE AND KEYPAD. KEEP all the key caps (buttons) as we will not be mailing you new keycaps you mail back.

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