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Upgrade Required - Download Removed - RPG LR KIT:

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System Requirements:
PC: Vista or Seven. 32 bit or 64 bit systems

MAC: 10.6 + Running English OS

Lightroom 3.4 Running English

Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5 Running English

1 Free USB Port

Regular Internet Connectivity

This Product Requires the OS and the desired program to be running English

Adobe's Lightroom program is an amazing tool but it seems to lack shortcuts to the tools that professional photographers need to use daily.

This "plug-in" like application used in conjunction with our keyboard will likely cut your editing time in half.

Its just that simple!

Our RPG LR keyboard includes keys for:

24 user Defined Presets.


Edit in Photoshop
Edit in 1 other app.

Star +
Star -

Red Flag
Blue Flag

Flag +
Flag -

Enable Filters

Quick Collect

Show Clipping

Color Gray

Left Panel
Right Panel

Library - Develop Module Toggle

Select all
Select None

Grid View

Duplicate selected photo

Survey View
Compare view

Before & After view

Select White Balance Tool


Reset to import status

Tint +
Tint -

Temperature +
Temperature -

Brightness +
Brightness -

Recovery +
Recovery -

Blacks +
Blacks -

Paste Last

Contrast +
Contrast -

Last Image
Next Image

Exposure +
Exposure -

Saturation +
Saturation -

Sharpness +
Sharpness -

Vibrance +
Vibrance -

Auto Tone
Auto White Balance

Reject Flag
Un-Reject Flag

Clarity +
Clarity -

Fill Light +
Fill Light -


Open Adjustment Panel
Close Adjustment Panel
Open Gradient Panel
Close Gradient Panel
Select Clone Tool
Select Heal Tool
Select Crop Tool
Select Line Crop Tool

Speed Crop as 4x6
Speed Crop as 5x7
Speed Crop as 8x10

Select Hue TAT Tool
Select Saturation TAT Tool
Select Luminance TAT Tool
Select Gray TAT Tool
Select Tone Curve TATTool

Select Curve Point

Copy Settings
Paste Settings




The RPG Key is a programmable keyboard designed by photographers to help with their photo editing in Lightroom, Photoshop and other commonly used programs in the photography industry. Its not like a programmable keyboard you might purchase at a box store because the software includes well over 10,000 macros designed by photographers, for photographers. These keys can do things NO OTHER programmable keyboard could ever dream of doing.

Still not sure?
We are so sure your going to cut your photo editing time by more than 50% that we offer a 30 day return policy on this product.






For use with: Compatible with MacCompatible with PC

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