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Step #1

Contact us using the contact form on the site and ask for media kit. We will email you with a PDF that more fully explains the program and explains the margins, drop shipping program and more. If you have an online precense, make sure to include a link to your site so we can check it out. Here is some logo material you might need as we move forward together. Download Link


How it works!

Buyers who come to our site from your reseller link to either "PURCHASE" or to "TRY" our product are forever connected to your reseller account. This means that every penny they spend with us from now till the end of time is because of you! And we make sure to say thankyou the best way we know how! MONEY!!!!! The reseller link we will be providing you with includes a cookie with your reseller ID atached to it.. If the web visiter signs up within 6 months of their first visit, you are credit with the signup / purchase. If a given vistor to the site signs up for a TRIAL, if this later converts to a subscription or purchase, your account is given credit for the sale and commisions are paid. Commision checks are mailed on the first Monday of each month with a complete report of the last 30 days of activity. Larger volume resellers are given a reseller login in which they can login to see their progress.

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RPG Keys is available for both Mac and PC

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We estimate that in the course of one year, we save approximately 275 hours or nearly 7 work weeks worth of time for every 30 weddings we shoot. What would you do with 7 more weeks of time each year? When you compare the amount of time saved to the cost of the investment, it simply is a no brainer.

"Speed Up Post Production with RPG Keys" Full Review

World famous wedding photographer David Beckstead comments on his use of the RPG KEYS.

"The RPG Keys are nice and speedy!! Time is money! Every time I use these things I save money... Speeding up my workflow... RPG Keys are intuitive and easy to set up. It is actually fun to use them with Lightroom! These Keys are very cool!"

Brandon Oelling of Inside Lightroom writes:

"This weeks post is going to be brief as I am TOTALLY addicted to my new toy - RPG KEYS from Riley Photographic. This is one of those products that leaves us all saying 'why didn't I think of that?' All I can say is WOW ... I am astounded at the possibilties."

System Requirements

More than likely, you already have everything you need to take advantage of an improved workflow with RPG Keys. Just be sure to double check the details page for a product before purchasing to be sure your setup will support it.

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